Today marks the end of an era! As I am leaving my corporate career behind me to commit myself to my future on the farm.

Making the change, has been a huge decision as I’ve worked in the niche industry of Company Secretarial and Governance now for over ten years .  I’ve built up a good reputation and have enjoyed a successful career in the UK’s leading professional services firm in our industry.  I’ve worked with some of the most amazing, inspiring people and whilst it may sound big-headed, I’m good at what I do.

But I’ve fallen in love with the farm life, and over the long term my current corporate role and growing interest in immersing myself in the farm business aren’t compatable, so something had to give.

I’m really hoping I can bring my business experience to the farm, adding value and a complimentary skill set to Ed, Margaret and Peter to help us diversify and build the business.  Alongside upskilling myself with the hands on side of farming.

To be honest, I’m quite scared about the change, but as a good friend of mine shared with me, at exactly the time I needed to hear it:

When you’re scared to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you’ll end up staying in the same place for the rest of your life.

I know I need to establish myself in Cornwall – which to me means,  earning a living in a way that challenges me and I enjoy, meeting new people and creating a local social network for myself, having a good work life balance, and being happy.

And as much as I am scared I’m also really excited too.  I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to change my career and be in a position to start something and work towards shared goals with the man that I love.

I’m going to miss my corporate life – massively!

  • The awesome people I work – the banter, the support and energy/ inspiration they give me. I thrive on collaborating and bouncing ideas of other people so the cows have got some big shoes to fill.
  • I’ll miss the 9-5. The structure and the control over how I spend my day which doesn’t work in farming – something I’ve learnt the hard way over the last couple of years.
  • The feeling of competency I have in my current role – starting  from scratch and being the newbie is tough particularly as it’s not always easy for me to be told what to do even though I need to be!
  • I’ll miss the city – it’s vibrancy and energy, it’s diverse population and unashamable convenience – something which couldn’t be further from life on the farm.
  • I’ll miss my high heels – and the ritual of getting ready in the morning and dressing up for work in nice clothes and wearing make-up!
  • The steady income! Say no more.

But I’m ready to embrace the next chapter and everything it brings, and recognise that sometimes one door has to close fully before another one can properly open.

It’ll be interesting to look back in a year’s time to see what I’ve achieved and how things play out – I suspect they wont be as I expect.  That’s why I’m entering this next phase with an open mind, a determination to succeed and a commitment to making it fun!

I’d really love to hear from other people who have gone through a similar experience to me, who have made a big life decision and changed course completely from where they started.  How did you handle it? Do you have any advice or stories you can share.  And if this was in to the world of farming – even better!

Wish me luck.