There’s nothing quite like salty-sea air and a long country walk to blow away the cobwebs; and since moving to Cornwall, stomping around the coastal paths close to where I live has become my favourite past-time.

It’s something Ed and I really enjoy doing together – with the dogs of course! Because it’s great exercise, good thinking and conversation time away from the farm and it’s absolutely stunning too.  With breath taking views across the bay of St Austell and it’s turquoise blue waters, beautiful beaches and diverse eco-systems and wildlife – I absolutely love it!

This weekend we decided to walk an area of the coastline that we haven’t done before – the stretch between Lantivet Bay and Polperro.  We set off just after lunchtime and decided to take a packed lunch with us, something I love doing as it reminds me of my childhood.

We sat over Lantivet Bay, ham salad rolls in hand, and for half an hour there was peace and quiet and we just took in our surroundings and the sea air. Bliss!

Then the walking commenced……..

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw that the sign post said that the walk was 3.25 miles.

‘That’s doable’ we thought and set off with the intentions of getting ourselves to Polperro in less than an hour, stopping in the Blue Peter Inn (which I’d highly recommend as a quaint, friendly pub with a great selection of drinks!) for a quick drink before making our way back.

Over one hour later and a slight de-tour down to Lansallos beach so Molly could have a swim.  Ed, Molly and I were still walking and had some way to go!

Now I like to consider myself to be pretty fit and I’ve done a fair few treks around the South East coast of Cornwall before. But none were as challenging as this one.

There were some seriously steep sections on this walk, which got our hearts pumping, our legs burning and my face as red as a tomato!

We went up and down, and up and down again, and by the end of the walk, I wasn’t sure what was worse, the going up, or going down.  My legs were tired and aching either way.

We kept going one foot in front of the other

and have never been so glad to make the decent in to Polperro.  Which is a magical place at the best of times, but was even more enchanting as we came to the end of our epic adventure.

It was good to be back on fairly flat ground, and the bench to sit on, cold wine and sustenance at the Blue Peter Inn was divine.

So good in fact that we didn’t make it back around the coastline to get home.  Instead we nestled in for the rest of the afternoon and ordered a taxi back – whoops! Next time I’m determined to make it back round.

To put it in to context we did over 19,000 steps, climbed over 165 flights of stairs and burnt 2,650 calories – according to my fitbit. Whoop whoop!

And with it being such good exercise, Ed and I are going to make the coastal walk a regular feature in our week. It’s great for the heart and the soul, and  will hopefully give me a bum like Beyoncé’s by Christmas!

If you’ve done this walk before I’d love to know how you found it, or if you know of any other good ones we can try in the area, perhaps one without a pub at the end 🙈 let me know.

Off to have a hot bath and foam roller my legs now!