Bruce is the happiest most handsome dog in the whole of Cornwall.Salt&SeaCo.-186

He’s happy from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed. He’s so happy, he’s even happy when he sleeps.

He beams at you all day long with his pearly white teeth and follows you wherever you go; always, ALWAYS wagging his wiggly waggly tail.

Bruce’s tail is so wiggly waggly that when he wags his wiggly waggly tail his eyes light up like the twinkling stars and his bottom wiggles as his tail wags too!

One day though, without warning, Bruce’s wiggly waggly tail stopped wiggly waggling! It went floppy doppy.

Poor Bruce – what happened?  Does anybody know?

Perhaps his wiggly waggly tail got tired from all the wiggly waggling and needed a rest?

Perhaps he hurt it whilst playing rough and tumble with his best friend Molly dog.


Or perhaps he just slept on it funny.

Who knows.

But with his floppy doppy tail Bruce was no longer the happiest most handsome dog in Cornwall.

He tried his best to be happy, but without his wiggly waggly tail Bruce was not himself.

He was sad and lost without it and didn’t know what to do.

So he did what all good Labradors do and ate a belly full of food and took himself to bed where he licked his floppy doppy tail hoping it would make it better.

The next day, Bruce woke up and was slow to get out of bed as he didn’t want to face another day without his wiggly waggly tail.

When he saw his master that morning his eye started to twinkle, but his floppy doppy tail still wouldn’t wiggle waggle.

His master bent over to give him a loving belly rub, and his pearly whites started to glisten, but his floppy doppy tail still wouldn’t wiggle waggle.

This is no use thought Bruce.

But when his master put some bacon in to the frying pan for his breakfast, Bruce’s eyes lit up, his teeth glistened and finally his wiggly waggly tail started wiggly waggling with more wiggle and waggle than it had ever done before.

Bruce was so happy! He jumped around for joy.

And after having some of his master’s bacon, he wiggly waggled his tail all around the farm like he had always done before – the happiest most handsome dog in all of Cornwall.