At Trefrawl, we farm high-quality, high-welfare, pedigree and rare-breed cattle, sheep and pigs.

We also farm several acres of cereals on a four-year crop rotation.

Trefrawl Farm has been our home for over fifteen years.

It’s our way of life, our passion and commitment.

Ed & Nic

We’re farming for the future with our ecosystem firmly in mind.

We feed our livestock what we grow and are as self-sustaining with our inputs as possible.

Focussing on soil health and carbon sequestration, we’re on a mission to reduce our chemical inputs and maintain our soil health and biology through:

  • Poly cropping cereal fields to improve soil health and add diversity
  • Using cover crop to replenish nutrients in the soil and provide habitats for small mammals
  • Applying a sugar source to our fields to help stimulate soil microbes
  • Implementing min-till where possible
  • And operating a five year crop-rotation scheme.
  • We also have a natural spring which provides water for our farm, and solar panels which help to power us.